Withering of Edion

Dark Horizons

In the night Dragomir awoke and found himself in the ocean. Climbing back to the docks he managed to find his way back to the Sanctuary and get back to sleep, though these actions greatly disturbed the others when they awoke and he explained them. Jonathan came by with a very sick Dahlia, mentioning the odd weather – while it was clear in the sanctuary outside it a dark storm brewed. Delon was sent to the skies to investigate and came back saying that the horizon was tinted black. The group went to Jonathan’s house and got a better look from his rooftop, seeing that a mysterious man was walking slowly towards town, a curtain of darkness trailing him and eating away at anything in it’s path. Returning to warn the druids found them encircling The World child, protecting her. It was agreed that they needed to leave town, but how was another issue. Delon and Olivia decided to stay at the Sanctuary, The World sending Olivia back to Winnetonka to plant her dagger under the stairs and fetch a replacement hero – Charles. She brought him back to Edion and after a slap and some awkward explanations she delivered him to the others at Jonathan’s house. Jonathan explained that he was due to meet a friend at The Squid Bucket that night for a friendly game of poker, and said friend happened to have a very useful potion that they could use to escape. A plan was laid out, with Jonathan and Antoinette going to meet the potion maker and play cards while Dragomir created a distraction and Charles snatched the vial in the confusion. It went off with only a small hitch of Dragomir being dragged to the church after his distraction involved a bar room brawl with a group of dwarves. Charles and Antoinette managed to fetch him back, with Dragomir narrowly avoided an arrow in his backside for the noise he created. When they returned Jonathan explained what the potion’s purpose was – invisibility…



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