Olivia Grand


Full Name: Olivia Heather Grand
Age: 18
Height: 5’5"
Build: Slender-Average
Parents: Louise Grand and Bertrand Grand (deceased)
Hometown: St. Louis, MO.
Average Grades: C


Born to an odd couple of a hippie who never grew up and a straight and narrow cop, Olivia lived a rather plain life until age ten, when her father was killed on duty. Her mother decided it would be best to move back to Kansas City, where most of their family was. However the emotional trauma and uprooting from her hometown led Olivia to become reclusive for many years. By the time she emerged from the phase in late middle school she had become a delinquent, much preferring life outside of the school walls and encouraged by her ‘free-spirit’ mother. She retained grades just barely allotting her passage through high school and her attendance is…lax, to say the least. When she is there her attitude is usually short-tempered and snarky. God help you if you mention her extra-curly hair.

1. What is your full name? Do you have a nickname?
Olivia Heather Grand. The only nickname I have is Lili, and the only people who can call me that are my grandma and mom.
2. How old are you? When is your birthday?
18. My birthday is June 22.
3. Where were you born? Where do you live now?
I come from St. Louis, but we moved to KC when I was 10.
4. Who are/were your parents? (Names, occupations, personalities, etc.)
Louise is my mom. She’s a ‘professional hippy’ I call it – sells tie-dye crap and art at the farmers market. Schmucks buy it up. My dad Bertrand was a cop but he passed away.
5. Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like?
6. What is/was your occupation?
Ain’t really got one. Kinda hoping to be a librarian though. I like books more than people.
7. How tall are you? How much do you weigh?
Bout 5’5", around 110 lbs I think.
8. What color is your hair? What color are your eyes?
Blondie with blue eyes.
9. What is your race/species?
Human, duh. Mom’s side of the family is dutch, dad’s is French.
10. To which social class do you belong?
Don’t get me started on social class, there’s just the rich and poor now. It’s not hard to guess which side I’m on.
11. Do you consider yourself to be attractive? Do others?
I like me, that’s all that matters.
12. What is your style of dress?
13. Do you have any scars? Tattoos? Birthmarks? Other unique physical features?
Hm…I got some light freckles and a birthmark somewhere you ain’t gotta know about.
14. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?
I’m allergic to coconut. No, seriously! Coconut of all things!
15. Are you right- or left-handed?
16. What does your voice sound like?
Er…like a voice?
17. What kind of vocabulary do you use?
Whatever gets the point across.
18. List three quirks or other defining characteristics.
I have super curly hair, I like history and history books, and I have a big poster of Joan of Arc on my wall.
19. How often do you bathe? Do you wear perfumes? Do you even need to bathe?
I bathe regularly, like every two days. And I like sandalwood and vanilla type scents.
20. What kind of facial expression do you commonly wear (dour glare, wry smile, etc)?
Hm…smirk? A wry expression?
21. Do you use body language? How?
What the fuck kind of question is that? How about i body language my fist into your face?
22. Do you have a commonly used saying?
I don’t talk much. Not many intelligent folk to talk to.


23. What is your earliest memory?
Going to my dad’s police station and meeting his buddies. They let me pet their K9 officer.
24. How much schooling have you had? Did you enjoy it?
I’m about to graduate, thank god. I loathe school, it’s entirely useless. Just a mindless drone factory.
25. Where did you learn most of your knowledge and skill?
Street smarts, books, dumb luck?
26. How would you describe your childhood in general?
Decent enough till dad died. Everything kinda went to shit after that.
27. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Police woman. I wanted to be like dad.
28. When and with whom was your first kiss?
Uh…does kindergarten count? I kissed a boy so I could have his Oreo during snack time.
29. Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity?
Remember the punching in the face bit? You’re getting close to that again.
30. Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor? Does that affect you?
I like to think dad was celebrated.


31. What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?
Dad’s death. It pretty much changed everything.
32. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
So far? Avoiding school as much as possible while maintaining graduation requirements.
33. What is your greatest regret?
Not being able to tell dad how proud I was of him.
34. What is the most embarrassing or shameful thing ever to happen to you?
Like I’d tell you. Fuck off.
35. Do you have any secrets? If so, what are they?
If I told them they wouldn’t be secrets.
36. What is the most evil thing you have ever done?
Evil is all in perspective.
37. When was the time you were the most frightened?
Again, fuck off.
38. Have you ever traveled outside of your country? If so, to where?
Nah. Been stuck in Missouri my whole life.


39. What is your alignment?
I dunno, whatever gets shit done?
40. Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic?
Neutral. You can’t be constantly optimistic or pessimistic. I take things as they come.
41. Do you believe in a god? If so, which one and why?
Nah. I don’t really give a shit about religion to be honest.
42. Do you believe in an afterlife?
43. What is your greatest fear?
Why the hell would I answer that?
44. What makes you angry? Sad? Happy? Why?
Angry: most people. Sad: my mom. Happy: books. Why? You’ll have to get to know me a bit better before I answer that.
45. Do you think people are basically good or basically evil?
People will do what they need to survive, we’re all still animals. It’s just the definition of survival that varies. Some people can live on food stamps and welfare. Some can’t survive without a cabernet every night.
46. What are your views on politics?
Just as dirty as the rest of the world.
47. What are your views on gambling, lying, theft, and killing?
You do what you have to in order to survive.
48. How far will you go to defend your beliefs?
You can believe me or not. Your life ain’t my problem.
49. How much do you value money?
I like it, but it’s not really necessary.
50. In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any person/thing could do?
Kill for no reason.
51. Do you believe in self-sacrifice for the greater good/evil?
Depends. I haven’t found anything worth risking my life for yet.
52. Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love?
Dunno. i don’t like thinking about it.
53. Are you superstitious?
Eh, not really. I burn incense to ‘clean’ rooms but it’s mostly a self-calming thing. Mom burned it to calm dad cause he liked the smell.
54. How much do you respect the beliefs and opinions of others?
If they’re well-formed and have logic behind them I’ll be considerate.
55. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings?
What do you think?
56. Do you have any biases or prejudices?
We all do.


57. Who is the most important person in your life/un-life, and why?
Myself. Can’t be a good person unless you love yourself first.
58. Who is the person you respect the most? Despise the most? Why?
I respect my dad, and most cops. I despise gangs of any kind. Why? Connect the dots Sherlock.
59. Do you have a significant other? Who? Why?
Pfft, no. Not really a social gal.
60. Do you have a lot of friends? Who is your best friend?
My friends right now are Mary Shelley and Victor Hugo.
61. How do you relate to members of the same race? Class? Sex?
I don’t like people.
62. How do you relate to members of a different race? Class? Sex?
See above.
63. Have you ever been in love? If so, describe what happened.
64. What do you look for in a potential lover?
A dick?
65. How close are you to your family?
Eh, I’m on good term with Ma and Gigi. Everyone else…doesn’t seem to care for us.
66. Do you want a marriage, family, and/or children?
Not anytime soon, if ever.
67. Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?
I like a well-formed argument.
68. Are you a listener or a talker?
Neither. I like quiet and books.
69. How long does it usually take for you to trust others?
Who said I trust anyone?
70. Do you hold grudges?
71. Do you tend to take on leadership roles in social situations?
Why bother? It’s like leading monkeys half the time.
72. Do you like interacting with large groups of people?
No, fuuuuuck that.
73. How well do you express yourself?
I think I can get my point across well enough.
74. How quickly do you judge others?
Quick. I have no shame in that – change my mind and I’ll change my tune.
75. Do you care what others think of you?
76. Do you have any enemies? How or why are they your enemy?
Eh, a lot of people like spreading rumors about me. Wouldn’t really call them enemies though.
77. What is your favorite pastime? Color? Food? Possession?
I like reading. Favorite color is green, favorite food is beef jerky, favorite posession is my dad’s old badge and shield.
78. What are your preferences in arts and/or entertainment?
I like the literary arts best, but I’m also really fond of classic rock and some big band music.
79. Do you smoke, drink, go whoring, or use drugs? Why or why not?
No, sometimes, not your business and no. My reasons are my own.
80. How do you spend a typical Saturday night?
Reading, watching the History channel, sometimes helping mom tie-dye.
81. What is your most cherished fantasy?
Er…I dunno. I liked the one I had with Aragorn and the waterfall in Rivendell though.
82. How long is your attention span?
Depends. You’re quickly diminishing mine.
83. Do you laugh a lot? What do you find funny?
Eh, not really. I like black and British humor.
84. Is there anything that shocks or offends you? If so, what?
Ridiculously pious people. Racists. Politicians.
85. How do you deal with stress?
I write in my journal.
86. How much athletic ability do you have? Artistic?
Eh, i’m not out of shape but I ain’t no cheerleader. Artistic? Well I write poetry sometimes.
87. Do you like animals? Do you like children?
Animals yes, kids no.
88. Are you spontaneous, or do you always need to have a plan?
I plan. I plot. I wait.
89. Do you have a pet? If so, what is his/her name? Species? Fur color? Etc…
I’ve got a leopard gecko named Aladdin. Mom said she’d let me get an iguana if I graduate. Gonna name her Eilonwy.


90. What is your greatest strength as a person? Weakness?
My strength I’d say is my intelligence. Weakness? Pffft…
91. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I like me. Could stand to be a bit taller.
92. Are you generally introverted or extroverted?
93. Do you like yourself?
94. Do you have a daily routine? How do you feel if your day is interrupted?
I like spontaneous days. Interruptions bug me though.
95. What goal do you most want to accomplish in the next six months? Your lifetime?
Graduate. Get a job in the local library. Move back to St. Louis. Live.
96. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
Alive I’d hope.
97. If you could choose, how would you want to die?
Hm. Taking down some big gang in a grand showdown. That’d be pretty badass.
98. What is the one thing you would like to be remembered for after your death?
I’d just like to be remembered period.
99. What three words would you use to best describe your personality?
Introverted, intellectual, wrathful.
100. What would you risk your life for?
Helping someone who really, truly needed it.

Olivia Grand

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