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  • Saen

    As a child he was fierce, and as a leader, fiercer. But he has calmed down in his old age, looking out more for the good of his people. His crowning achievement was to create a message system to quickly send and receive messages to the other druids of …

  • Maeve

    Very loyal and courageous, Maeve is ready to fight for [[The World | The World]]. She is the leader of a "club" of youth who protect and defend the forest. Her parents are proud of her, but worry for her safety. She has always done what she felt she …

  • Denta

    A romantic at heart, Denta worries about his childhood friend and cousin, [[:maeve | Maeve]]. While he is not very good at druidism, he is a skilled ranger, and protects the forest with his friends.

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